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Building Progress Report


Summer 2004


Front Bricks


A contractor replaced the bricks on about 45% of the front of the building.  These bricks had pulled away from the front of the building due to the vibration of heavy truck traffic on the road during the day.  Unfortunately we could not reinstall the 100 year old oak fan which graced the building these many decades.  When it had been installed, there were no bricks behind it and the bricks were installed around it.  With new bricks across the whole front of the building, the contractor advised against putting the fan back up.


Window Painting


The contractor who replaced the bricks took advantage of the staging and repainted the upper front windows.  Our industrious members repainted the remaining windows and all the doors as well


 Extension Siding


We also used white vinyl siding to cover the former garage which was added onto the rear of the building some years ago.  This structure housed a police car and officer at one time.


Future Plans


The onset of earlier sunsets has forced us to cease outdoor building work for this year.  Next years tentative projects are: repainting the club logo out front , painting the cement foundation and windows sills, scraping and painting the metal rear stairway, and opening a door from the HO layout into the extension.