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Transfer Table: Model Railroad Clubs and Organizations



Nazareth Area Society Of Model Engineers These links are brought to you by us !

The Garden State Model Railroad Club - North Haledon, NJ

The Model Railroad Club - Union, NJ

Bellingham Society of Model Engineers - Bellingham, WA & many thanks for helping us with web stuff !

National Model Railroad Association

Hi Railers Unlimited - 3 rail groups specializing in modular layouts - free plans, photos, a nice site.

San Diego Model Railroad Museum - amazing & I have been there twice.

North Jersey Rails - a large site of model and prototype links.

Northlandz - Flemington, NJ. An indoor tour through a miniature world. Up to 100 trains running daily, & 8 miles of track. Along with other non railroad stuff.

Pasadena Model Railroad Club - Pasadena, CA. Operates the Sierra Pacific Lines, one of the largest HO Scale operating Model Railroads in the world covering almost 5000 square feet.

Valley N-Trak of Connecticut - Oxford, CT

Angels Gate Hi-Railers Model Railroad Club - San Pedro, CA. - personally visited, very nice.

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