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Nazareth Area Society of Model Engineers
Model Railroad Club

December 2008 Train Show Photos



NS moves coal on the S Gauge layout

A CNW local freight crosses at Herbertville, on the O Gauge layout

PRR passenger trains wait in the station

D&H passenger service runs through

Passenger trains arrive at Union Station on the HO layout

The Local Texaco is busy

Railfans at the Alpine Diner

A quiet section of the HO layout

Hoppers get pushed up the hump for classification


The Elevated arrives!

Cows in the barn

Local Freight waits for clearance

An F unit gets worked on, but first a power nap is in order...

exquisite wall work by KC.

Hangin' out under the bridge on the HO pike

A quick glimpse of the work train

Local freight moves through the Herbertville junction

A PRR F unit is ready to roll

Hi-Rail trucks have their own round house stalls

Disaster Strikes! An intermodal freight came through the station and took out the awning, fences and a few people!

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